Honey – I shrunk my hooks!


Stumbled on Micro Crocheting

Something invisible must have bit me to start my journey in micro crocheting , or may be I don’t want leave any stone unturned in my crochet endeavor to try all forms for crocheting. Nevertheless , I stumbled upon micro crocheting and the work from Steffi Glaves and Nancy Oops and was awestruck by their work. They both have micro crocheted the most unbelievable things. Do check – their work on for some amigurumi and crochet jewelry inspiration.

For me – i was inspired by a friend who always likes those teeny weeny stuff or kuti kuti (Small in Tamil for small 🙂 ) handmade stuff – she made a pair of earrings and my daughter jumped out of her seat to say i want it !! there starts my #micro crochet venture.

lets do some basics before i show you my work

What is micro crocheting ?

Microcrocheting is a growing trend in the crochet community. Those teeny-tiny crochet crafts have about the size of a fingertip and are commonly crocheted using sewing thread and a crochet hook of 0.4 and 0.6 mm. Mostly Micro-crocheting is not only about jewelry or amigurumi, their can be innumerable possibilities of what you can make out of these

How to Start Micro Crocheting?

Anyone who knows crochet basics can start micro-crocheting, its all about going steep down on hook size and yarn weight. However , i suggest that you work downwards gradually to get the right texture , form and finish

Things Required

Hooks – Size .5 mm to 1 mm

Yarn – Embroidery Floss , Anchor pearl cotton thread , any lace weight thread , Silk Thread , i also tried with red rose

Others – Glue , sugar beads, DIY jewelry kit ( for micro crochet jewelry) small safety eyes or bead (for amigurumi), Mod Podge

My Go to tools for Micro Crocheting

Getting StartedTips and Tricks

I went by the words of wisdom from Steffi Glaves

  • Work under good lighting conditions – Choose an area of the house / place with ample lighting as you will be working on small spaces and joints
  • Start Simple – I started working on small crochet flowers – however the same flower i started about 1 cm and came down to 0.3 mm , this will help you get used to smaller hook sizes and gradually go down both on yarn weight and hook size, Try Simple designs like hearts , butterflies , small granny squares – most of these patterns are freely avialable
  • Do Many – Practice , time and patience are the key ingredients to beautiful pieces – the reason say this is even more important is , its easy to loose form of the object even if one stich is misplaced – so make many and it hardly takes any time .
  • Give a break – Dont be in a rush , while some micro crocheting objects can be finished fast , its a real workout to your eyes , hands and wrist so take frequent breaks – remember we are in this for the long run
  • Finishing to perfection – Unlike normal crochet – sewing is really difficult in micro crochet – so its important how you weave the ends , i prefer to carefully weave in the wrong side and give a coat of mod podge so the finish is stiff and ends also stay in place
Micro- Crochet – @copyright Naughtyknotz.com

Did I stop with the flower – not at all ! I did sooo many and trust me it’s an addiction in itself – don’t forget to check my Instagram post to see all my work in micro crochet and don’t forget to share some love 🙂

  1. I love you it so much!!!! I’m gonna start making one and complete it in one go. 🙈