Kona Series

Kona in hindi means corner and i decided to start all things possible. “Kona” series is dedicated to all that i have learnt and experimented with C2C crochet till date, i hope i will have soo much to add here to the series

C2C stitch is something I tend to lean on, for any project that has to be worked quickly and which requires a fast turnaround time. I have dozens of examples of handmade gifts with this technique worked up overnight or in a days time and the outcome has always been great.

In this blogpost – i dont intend to get into how to do a C2C stitch, as there are lots of resources that are available for you to pick up on the net and videos on youtube. I am pointing you to one video resource which teaches the right technique of the stitch

C2C is a versatile stitch which can be used for various projects like Afghans / Blankets, Beanies, Scarfs, Accessories, home decors and various other wearables. The advantage the stitch brings are many

  1. Regardless of the yarn weight you use this stitch is soo adaptable and can be made to fit.
  2. Definition is mostly flat and often same
  3. Geometrical designs can be worked up easily
  4. C2C stitch is a great way to start color work technique
  5. One can make simple graph and replicate the work with C2C stitch
  6. Customization is often very easy and simple with this stitch

So here are some of my projects that i have picked to write about in the upcoming series and help get you started

The patterns are sequenced from beginner, intermediate and advanced level to make a gradually

So do let me know if you would like to embark on the journey of exploring C2C technique with me and leave your comments below

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