A – Handmade Yoga Mat Strap – Free Pattern

Handmade Yoga Mat Strap – simple way to transport your yoga mat strap from home to studio, mountains and beaches. This handmade crochet yoga mat strap is a sturdy, comfortable and hip way to carry your yoga mat or beach blanket to and from studio or the beach. Simply insert the ends of your mat into the loops and pull to tighten. The strap can be thrown in your travel bag and can really come in handy on your lovely beach vacation.

My motivation to really pull this off was my old Rexine / Polyster – Strap wore off, just a trigger and i thought what better way to crochet a thing for yourself! and Voila i made my first Yoga mat Strap . I hope the not buying decision added to my crochet carbon credits and one step towards to my conscious crochet efforts .. every miniscule of effort matters 🙂

Lets get started on the on the pattern –> This is a One size fits all pattern be it for a yoga / pilates mat or a beach towel.

Materials and Measurements

Yarn – Cotton Thread

Hook – 3.5 MM

Rings – 1 inch wodden rings 2 Nos (which is easily available online) as an alternate you use some old sturdy bangles small or medium size

Measurements – 1.5″ inches in width and about XXX inches in Length

Start of the pattern

Step – 1 Start working with the wodden ring and make single crochet — 13 SC, turn the work

Step – 2 *Chain 3 or Chainless DC , DC – 1 , Skip 5, Make 3 DC, Chain 2 and 3 DC, Skip 5, DC- 2* Total Stitch Count of 13

Repeat the Step 2 from * to * till you achieve about 75 Inches”

Step – 3 To Finish the work by working with the wodden ring by making 13 SC

Securely Fasten off and sew the ends

Your yoga mat strap is ready 🙂 you can also work on adjusting the length of the strap

I hope you enjoyed making the yoga mat strap as much as i did using them 🙂 Are there any DIY projects that add crochet to your life ? I am quiet eager to know … drop a comment in the comment section !

Pl. rate the pattern and article and i take all feedback constructively

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  1. I love you it so much!!!! I’m gonna start making one and complete it in one go. 🙈