A – Handmade Yoga Mat Strap – Free Pattern

Handmade Yoga Mat Strap – simple way to transport your yoga mat strap from home to studio, mountains and beaches. This handmade crochet yoga mat strap is a sturdy, comfortable and hip way to carry your yoga mat or beach blanket to and from studio or the beach. Simply insert the ends of your mat into the loops and pull to tighten. The strap can be thrown in your travel bag and can really come in handy on your lovely beach vacation.

My motivation to really pull this off was my old Rexine / Polyster – Strap wore off, just a trigger and i thought what better way to crochet a thing for yourself! and Voila i made my first Yoga mat Strap . I hope the not buying decision added to my crochet carbon credits and one step towards to my conscious crochet efforts .. every miniscule of effort matters 🙂

Lets get started on the on the pattern –> This is a One size fits all pattern be it for a yoga / pilates mat or a beach towel.

Materials and Measurements

Yarn – Cotton Thread

Hook – 3.5 MM

Rings – 1 inch wodden rings 2 Nos (which is easily available online) as an alternate you use some old sturdy bangles small or medium size

Measurements – 1.5″ inches in width and about XXX inches in Length

Start of the pattern

Step – 1 Start working with the wodden ring and make single crochet — 13 SC, turn the work

Step – 2 *Chain 3 or Chainless DC , DC – 1 , Skip 5, Make 3 DC, Chain 2 and 3 DC, Skip 5, DC- 2* Total Stitch Count of 13

Repeat the Step 2 from * to * till you achieve about 75 Inches”

Step – 3 To Finish the work by working with the wodden ring by making 13 SC

Securely Fasten off and sew the ends

Your yoga mat strap is ready 🙂 you can also work on adjusting the length of the strap

I hope you enjoyed making the yoga mat strap as much as i did using them 🙂 Are there any DIY projects that add crochet to your life ? I am quiet eager to know … drop a comment in the comment section !

Pl. rate the pattern and article and i take all feedback constructively

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  1. I love you it so much!!!! I’m gonna start making one and complete it in one go. 🙈

My Quest to Link Store and Payment Gateway

Why is it that big a deal ? Does it really require a blog post on this topic ? Well in my excitement to launch my first pattern all excited – started working with a plan, i had the testers working on the pattern i had configured my ravelry store and i just had one step to complete – linking my paypal account on to my ravelry pro account!!!!

This one step derailed my launch plan by 3 weeks – for someone who detest randomness and chaos this was a dismay. I called, messaged several people and everyone had one or the other concern which caused a roadblock for linking their store and payment gateway but somehow managed to do it and didnt know how this happened. This quest for answer was getting more real to me and i spent days and nights on quora , reddit and u name it all the sites, including memorizing the FAQ’s of Pay pal and Community answers on ravelry. I even got my Techie husband to spend his Diwali vacation on finding a fix !

This message got me an answer which said – verify your ravelry accout . Thats it .. i was fast paced to do that , i went on to verify everything my paypal account , raverly and still unable to link my account

As expected i spent long hours messaging paypal customer care and tolerating the Chatbot ( unnerving isnt it ?). I called Divya from Stringtierey as my last resort also knew her kith and kin worked in Paypal. Divya kindly suggested some steps which I followed , she even followed up to understand if I found resolutions. Nothing .. i mean nothing worked !!! i even messaged her that ” i will dump ravelry and launch a store on my own website” and thats it !

Moments later i remembered the first advise from my dear friend – Vimala from Vivacrochet , “Dina was the last I know created the store and she had some trouble too eventually sorted it out .. call her !! ” I Messaged Dina Mam from Aara from dina late at night, she immediately called me back and suggested a step and guess what ….. it worked … it worked … !!!! i literally screamed with joy it worked even messaged divya, vimala, tester team whomever i could tell that it worked 🙂

For all of you who are guessing what let me pen it down step by step on what you need and what you dont need to link your account

  1. Creation of your Account on Pay Pal – You dont need a business account , and you can link with your personal account there are pros and cons for both these steps i have listed below
Business AccountSeveral types of business account and individual account doesnt require a GST submission
Lower Transaction fee for both business individual account and micro account
Business account on pay pal requires you to submit documents and get it verified by paypal team which can take upto 2 days if all the documents are verified at one go, else the cycle continues
Personal AccountHigher Transaction fee Doesn’t require any document submission and only mandatory step is to verify your email

2. Here is the magical step that is required to link the account ! which i overlooked for obvious reasons and i understand that most of them miss this and resolution is not documented ! Here is a screen shot of where you need to click .. 🙂 my destination was a click of a button away and it took me 3 weeks ! Now who on earth will click on return to ravelry when there is a message flashing ” you’re almost done” “complete the set up”

Landing page when linked with paypal and ravelry

Just to quench my quest i created a payhip account and linked with pay pal ! i was delighthed to have it done seamlessly – and see the landing page , atleast someone has it right ! It says ” Go Back to Payhip”

Landing page when linked with Payhip and paypal

The landing page is definitely misleading and i am not sure if its an issues with pay pal or ravelry .. but someones got to fix this mess !!

I can only thank this wonderful crochet community for extending their helping hand unconditionally !!!

What are the other issues and fixes you found ? Lets create a log for those who want to venture into pattern writing .. leave a comment below

  1. I love you it so much!!!! I’m gonna start making one and complete it in one go. 🙈


Things we do first always hold a special place in our heart and minds , and so does this tensor beanie to me. Did writing the pattern happen all of a
sudden, out of the blue ? Actually – it was planned move as earlier in the year i had an opportunity to test so many projects, understand concepts, interact
with loads and loads of people ( thanks to insta and lockdown) and I took soo much inspiration from the global crochet community . I realized that designers
had other roles to play in their professional and personal lives , this was a huge myth buster to me as I always assumed that this was their full time job –
pattern writing is not limited to professionals with a degree from college anyone can indulge in pattern writing if the required experience, technique and
concepts are clear. Hence my research started. I was conscious of the fact that pattern writing is something I wanted to attempt – i was also clear on not taking the easy route. I employed a professional who works as a pattern designer in the main stream industry for a big brand – to mentor me on the nitty gritty. This gave me clarity of thoughts, good idea and understand the important elements of pattern writing. Most important ones being – Clarity , Clarity , Clarity .. ( easier said than done).

Here  is  a list of things i went about doing  and what i learnt

  1. Thinking of a design , pen it down – the single most important step else you will keep piling the WIP mountain, as a recommendation – start with a stitch or an FO that you have used the most or worked on the most. this will allow you use your skill mastery bank reserve

  2. Write down my pattern ( helps to make along as you write ) – so this helps you in detailing the pattern better

  3. Proof Read like a hundred times or hire a tech editor – there are many tech editors avialable check yarnpond too 

  4. Test , Test and Test –> Its an impetus as a designer to test all variations yourself if its using different weight of yarn or sizes and not completely rely on testers, this is an impetus if you are designing wearables ( now you know why small projects are best as a starter -I made at least 3 beanies myself)

  5. Create a Test Team – ( your besties are the best to have around, do check my post on tensor Beanie to see their amazing version)

  6. Complete the project – take loads of pictures (like you were to be casted in the next blockbuster)

  7. Create a Ravelry store , a payhip store , lovecrafts, etsy etc to sell and promote digital download (for Indian customers you can create ur your own shopping cart on blog page via instamojo or razorpay et.al to purchase in INR)

  8. Link with Pay Pal for sales on ravelry, lovecrafts, payhip (and here started the trouble, the project derailed by 3 weeks cos of a stupid problem, check the blog post on linking your paypal to ravelry store)

  9. Link projects , configure store and you are all set

  10. Set up a link.tr for your insta bio for easy navigation 

  11. Flaunt and enjoy the vibes 🙂

The love from the crochet community is beyond measures ! Every step in the process was such a wonderful learning even if I don’t sell a million copies – this learning is going to stay with me for ever

For anyone who is procrastinating to take the leap of faith – its not scary if you come with a simple expectation to enjoy every process and learn and rest will follow

Remember Designing is just an art of creating in a structured format !

Do you have a first pattern writing story to share ? do leave your comments on and let me know what was your first pattern like ?