Sights , sounds, shapes, colors of nature have truly inspired me in my yarn crafts and a beyond. As I started the messing with yarn series and my natural dyeing experiments, i dont miss an opportunity to observe , read and learn about plant life. While on this endeavor, I was delighted with one particular encounter with nature during my morning runs, i saw this beautiful white flower which was distinct ( to my eyes) as i went closer to see the flower , this shrub was dense and had some lovely berries, my “yarny” brain clicked and i touched the berries and it had a dark blue ink like color, i immediately picked some berries and came home to study the plant and its details. Thanks to Leaf Snap this plant identification app is soo good that all details of the plant is just a click away , . I identified this plant as Cestrum diurnum , din ka raja as popularly called in Hindi and day blooming jasmine.

I went every day to collect these berries and stored them in my freezer for a week and finally i knew i had enough to dye a few hanks !! was waiting to experiment dyeing with these berries. I am posting the dye recipe in detail below ,but before we get there if you haven’t read my post on Natural Dyeing Experiments – DO check the post Dyeing Hard and all things required for Dyeing Experiments at home

Materials Required

Materials for Dyeing Experiment

Isn’t the colorway magical ? i loved the outcome and fade look adds to the beauty of the yarn !

Here is the details of process I used for the Natural Dye

I personally was thrilled to achieve these colors and its one of my priced possession in my stash . I hope this blog helps all the yarn dyers and enthusiast to take a leap into this world.

Drop a comment if you if this attempt of natural dyeing experiment is a success or failure !

  1. I love you it so much!!!! I’m gonna start making one and complete it in one go. 🙈

Messing with Yarn : Natural Dyeing Experiments – 1

What happens when your forced to take a break from crocheting !! you have to pick a new skill that’s relevant to crocheting and all things yarn ! So I did have a phase where I developed wrist pain and had to apply speed break on my crocheting . One thing we concur – is that we “Dye for Yarn” and this helped me indulge into a new therapy which is dyeing yarn and I acknowledge of being a Dye-Hard Fan. I have some thumb rules governing my Dyeing experiments to make this a more sustainable and be conscious – you can read all about this in my Blog Dye Hard Fans

Ok ! so a lot said above on my love for dyeing , now time to get real. Lets start with a simple dyeing experiment with things at home ! Make sure you read my blog on all things you need for a basic home set up for dyeing on my blog – Guide to Home Yarn Dyeing

A skein of undyed yarn and Onion Peels to create magic

Follow my IGTV Video for step by Step Instructions


Here are the step by step Instructions to achieve this beautiful yarn

Here is the final outcome of my Messing with A skein and Onion peel

Here is the final look of the yarn ! I had a hangover with this experiment and final color ! i am waiting to start crocheting with this yarn. leave a message if you have any question and i will most definitely get back to you.

  1. I love you it so much!!!! I’m gonna start making one and complete it in one go. 🙈