Dimensions Shawlette

About the pattern

Dimensions shawlette Inspired by the handloom crafts of India , the shawlette is an opportunity to revive the beautiful forms of art and textile in the country via Crochet. This shawl can be slipped around your neck for any occasion casual or formal. The shawlette uses corner to corner crochet stitch in continuation to the KONA Series with simple variations to the stitch and a simple intarsia colorwork technique.

The Dimensions Shawlette is a perfect snug for winters, this geometric colorwork shawlette can be easily paired with any dress to keep you warm and comfortable all day, I made 2 shawlettes in black and pick color schemes ! so be sure to leave a comment on which version you like better !


I used Vardhman Dropill Low Pill Knitting Yarn this yarn is a new addition to vardhman’s collection of yarns – i like the texture, feel and overall appeal of the yarn and certainly one of the good quality acrylic yarns in my list

Vardhman Dropill   Black DRH021

Vardhman Dropill   Yellow DRH011

Vardhman Dropill   White DRH005

Find it here and my go to place to buy the dropill yarn is Yes Papa Handmade


The pattern is a part of the Kona C2C series – so the main stitch used in the pattern is C2C ( 2 variations) however the geometric prints on shawlette is achieved by using the C2C colorwork / intarsia technique which involves working 2 or more colors of yarn within a single row, when those colors appear in big blocks of color. Typically, you work each color section with a different ball of yarn attached to each section.

I made 2 versions of the Dimensions Shawlette pink and black, i am still unable to decide which one i like better.. do let me know what you think and drop a comment below

Pattern Testers

I had a privilege of working with some wonderful pattern testers who all used amazing colors of yarn and look gorgeous flaunting it ! A huge thanks to all the lovely ladies – isnt our crochet communitu joyous πŸ™‚

Srujana , Anusha , Niyati , Charita , Richa , Ashlesha , Archana , Vinaya , Shiva , Dina , Pavitra, Nidhi

Pattern Availability

The Pattern is available for free on Joy of Motion Blog page and an ad free pdf is available on my ravelry and payhip store.

I really hope you liked the Dimensions Shawlette! and share with me the colors you choose for your make !

However, if you really like it, make sure to share the FREE pattern & share pictures of you’re Dimensions Shawlette that you’ve made with me Tag me on Instagram with @naughty_knotz and take a picture of your project, use #joyofmotioncrochet and #dimensionsshawlette

I can’t wait to see your pictures!

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Leave a comment below and let me know which version of the shawlette you like better Black or Pink and what colors would you choose for the dimensions shawlette

  1. I love you it so much!!!! I’m gonna start making one and complete it in one go. πŸ™ˆ

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